much more than feathers, much more than bird’s t-shirts

in my dreams, I have wings

when I’m awake and I’m painting birds, too

sure you know which is your favourite bird, surely you can recognize his silhouette in the thick vegetation near a river, appearing through the fog in a winter morning…

if you want a personal t-shirt with your favorite bird near your heart, you can search among the designs that I’ve already painted -handmade and with love-, and send me your bird-clothing wishes to (you can also follow mira al pajariko on facebook)

if you don’t find what are you searching for, no problem: I will paint it for you.

each t-shirt is special, because there never will be another one like that.

now, I invite you to walk around this blog. enjoy it!

-stories that appear under the pictures, reflects experiences with birds. I’m  sorry because my english is not good enough to express that wonderful moments… –


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